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Film Submissions Record for 2022

The 7º edition of Ferrara Film Festival (April 2-10, 2022) saw a record number of film submissions from all over the planet, reaching a grand total of 2046, from 38 Countries, coming from the main online submissions platforms such as FilmFreeway, FestHub, SFilmmaker (exclusive for China), private submissions and all the global agencies and distribution companies (the latter still in open negotiation). The submission campaign started all the way back in March 2021 and saw a significant increase (21%) from last year, where the grand total was 1613, which signals a constant increase of interest and awareness about a festival that shows no signs of slowing down over the years. To put things into perspective, every year the Ferrara Film Festival has a program of about 40 films (including feature films, short films and documentaries).

The complete film line-up and program will be released in early March, while tickets will go on sale on March 15.

Please find below the detailed breakdown, Country by Country, of all the submissions received at the 7º Ferrara Film Festival since March 2021:

Italy 672

United States 327

China 152

United Kingdom 108

France 105

Iran 92

Germany 73

Mexico 41

Spain 38

Egypt 35

Belgium 32

Australia 31

Japan 28

Russia 26

Canada 24

Turkey 24

Poland 23

Netherlands 22

South Korea 21

Ireland 20

India 19

Taiwan 16

South Africa 15

Romania 14

Switzerland 12

Norway 11

Greece 10

Sweden 9

Vietnam 8

Argentina 7

Brazil 7

Austria 6

New Zealand 5

Luxembourg 4

Bulgaria 3

Cyprus 3

Yemen 2

Kosovo 1