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Golden Dragon Awards Updates

Highlights Of The Weekend, Friday Edition. On The Road To #FeFilmFest7.

New Festival Structure. New Graphics. More Details. Back in September 2021 the new festival program structure was announced to the public, leading the festival to the future starting from its upcoming 7th edition in spring 2022.

The festival organization took also the opportunity to update the official festival logo and its graphics, not just to establish its public identity once for all, but also to signal a turning point towards its foundation in the pop culture. The decision was made to reflect the artistic evolution over the course of the last seven years, from a brand new independent film festival in 2016, to a major international event with global ramifications in 2022. The number "seven" has a special meaning from a biblical point of view and it's an opportunity to reflect on the work that has been done so far, while looking at the future trying to be as relevant as possible in the next decade.

Ok, so then... what's the identity of Ferrara Film Festival?

In a nutshell the mission is pretty straight forward: to become a true global film festival event, working with both major studios and indie productions while, at the same time, inject new life into these type of events. How? Compared to the big festivals, to be less "institutional", "austere" and "out of touch", while truly engaging with the public with a program that make them the real protagonists. At the same time, the spotlight is to celebrate Cinema focusing on the actual product. What does it mean? While glamour and fun is certainly a big part of our festival, our main approach is to treat Cinema with such respect that almost feels like a religion. We give a lot of space to filmmakers through retrospectives, dedicated talk shows and a 360º digital and "live" exposure.

With the new film categories, did the Awards also change?

Yes. Please find below the new 12 Golden Dragon Awards categories:

• Golden Dragon Career Achievement Award


• Best Premiere Event

• Best Premiere Autore

• Best Premiere Docu

• Best Premiere Unicef

• Best Director in a Feature Film

• Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film

• Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film


• Best Short Film Event

• Best Short Film Autore

• Best Director in a Short Film


• Best Premiere Emilia-Romagna

For further info on the new categories please read the article HERE

How are these Ferrara Film Festival updates going to be structured? Each week, on Mondays and Fridays, we'll share with you the latest highlights and breaking news revolving around our annual event.