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"Eternals" Special Event

Highlights Of The Week, Monday Edition. On The Road To #FeFilmFest7. Today we talk about a special event with Marvel's "Eternals".

On Monday November 15, AIDUS, an Association that supports the hearing impaired community in Ferrara (Italy), and also a collaborator of Ferrara Film Festival, organized a special screening of Marvel's Eternals with closed captions. The event was also in honor of Lauren Ridloff, the first deaf actress to play a deaf superhero (Makkari), in the film "Eternals".

The event was held at the Apollo Cinepark in Ferrara, an historic movie theater that is also one of the main venues of our annual cinematic event.

We, at Ferrara Film Festival, always welcome these wonderful and inclusive opportunities that expand the cinematic experience to people that deserve it.

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