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On the road to #FeFilmFest7

Highlights Of The Week, Monday Edition. On The Road To #FeFilmFest7. What to expect in November 2021.
  • By the end of November, in a prepared official statement in collaboration with the City of Ferrara's Administration, we will announce the dates of our 7th edition. It is expected that, from 2022, the festival will go back to its original slate in early spring.

  • A new high-profile national partnership is in the works that, for the first time, will connect Cinema and music live entertainment.

  • The festival organization will share, with more details, how the new program and activities will be structured from the 2022 edition.

How are these Ferrara Film Festival updates going to be structured? Each week, on Mondays and Fridays, we'll share with you the latest highlights and breaking news revolving around our annual event.