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Ferrara Film Festival HUB

Public Office and Administradive Headquarter

Pick-up in person for Guest, Artist and Press festival accreditations

Via Cairoli 13, 44121 Ferrara, Italy

c/o SIPRO Ferrara in the historic "Palazzo Crema", 1 min walk from Castello Estense.

Office open: September 7 ---> September 17  • Daily hours: 10-12 | 15-18  

In the form at the end of this page, you can submit your application request for your official accreditation (for both artists and press) at the 7º Ferrara Film Festival taking place in Ferrara, Italy, September 9-18, 2022.

The application is free, and you can apply directly on this page. There will be a very selective approval process and there are only 500 free accreditations available.

We will start sending out confirmations starting from July 1, 2022. Please be aware that even if the accreditation is free of charge, if you get approved you will be asked a final confirmation. You must use the accreditation to come in person to the festival for at least one day. You can use the accreditation for the whole festival if you want.


Your accreditation will give you: 


Free access to

• The Opening Ceremony and Opening Premiere event

• All the film screenings of Ferrara Film Festival 2022

• All  the "Meet The Stars" masterclasses events

• Networking events

• The VIP Studios Lounge (Talk Show area)

• Opening Party

• The Stardust party (our closing party)

• The Golden Dragon Awards ceremony 

Discounted access to

• Our Hotel partners for your stay in Ferrara

• Our restaurant partners for your meals

Your accreditation will not include

• Travel expenses

• Access to charity gala dinners (tickets sold separately)



The Ferrara Film Festival will only approve free accreditations to certified professional in the show business and from certified member of the press.

NOTE: if you are part of  a film in our official program this year, DO NOT USE THIS FORM. We will contact directly the production of the film to issues "GUESTS" accreditations. 



Please complete the form below to apply.

Accreditation Application
I am a member of:

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon. You will get a response from us by email, wether you get APPROVED or DENIED

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