Ferrara Film Festival 2022

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Be part of the fastest growing film festival in Italy!

We are accepting films from all over the World in several categories to participate at the 
7˚ Ferrara Film Festival (Spring 2022). The final deadline to submit your movies is December 31 2021, with a discount fee if you submit with earlier deadlines. The final notification date is on January 10 2022 and the official film line-up will be released to the public in early March 2022. The Ferrara Film Festival is an "IMDB Qualifier Festival".

Our film categorization has changed
. At the Ferrara Film Festival all the selected films will be divided in specific categories by our Organization. Our categories reflects the Global nature and relevance of our festival, without discriminating any movies based on its original Country. What does it mean? When you submit your film, all you have to do is to choose between “Feature Film”, “Short Film” and “Documentary” then, if your film is selected, we'll independently put your film in the more specific category.

Here below the new categories of Ferrara Film Festival from 2022: 

• Premiere Event 
• Premiere Autore 
• Premiere Docu
• Premiere Unicef 
• Premiere Emilia-Romagna

Film submissions are going exclusively through FilmFreeway.

​If you are a filmmaker from the
Italian region Emilia-Romagna you have a 50% discount on your submission fee. For inquiries please write to: 

Click on the FilmFreeway logo to complete your submission

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