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The Ferrara Film Festival is one of the most popular film festivals in Italy and, since its first edition in 2016, is also the fastest growing one... by far. It's the official film festival of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Ferrara, Italy, one of the most breathtaking cities in Europe. The Ferrara Film Festival is a global cinema expo, that includes the Golden Dragon Awards ceremony, World and European premieres, movie themed collateral events, charity galas, talk shows and great parties.

We strongly support the theatrical experience. Our films are played exclusively in movie theaters, as they are intended to be. During the pandemic, in 2020, we were one of the very few film festivals in the World to host a special in-person edition with great success (and in total safety) with all the limitations of Covid-19. In 2021 we were, again, the very first film festival in Italy to host a 100% in-person edition, with over 10,000 people in attendance, over the course of 9 days. In 2022 we had 11,000 people in attendance.

In other words, we will always show movies only on the big screen.

Our media campaign (print, online, video and social) is one of the strongest in Italy. In 2022 we reached over six million people across all type of platforms and with the support of our great partners.

The Ferrara Film Festival was founded in 2015 by producer, director and international show-business entrepreneur Maximilian Law, spearheading a team of over 100 people. The first edition was held in May 2016. Since 2022 the festival will always be held in September.

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